Dan's Pledge

I work for you. Period. That's not just a slogan for my campaign, it's a commitment and a promise that I take very seriously. For anyone who knows about my history as a public servant, you know that I can't be bought and that my loyalty lies with the people, which is why I'm publicly taking the following pledge to make it known to everyone.
Keeping dark money out of our local elections should be a priority for every candidate running in the upcoming municipal election, but sadly it is not. “Big money” is creeping its way into local campaigns, which will ultimately lead to voters questioning the integrity of our upcoming city council.
I pledge to refuse support from all PACs (third-party advertisers), and I will not be accepting or using any dark money on my quest to be a part of Edmonton’s City Council. I will also be disclosing all of my donations prior to election day, so you know exactly who is funding my campaign.
I made this short video to better explain what third-party advertisers are all about and to publicly document my pledge to refuse support from political action committees and to condemn the use of dark money. I’m all about accountability and transparency, and I want to reiterate that I cannot be bought or paid for.
Transparency, honesty, and keeping funding from special interest groups out of our upcoming election is critical and I hope that every candidate running for Edmonton City Council shares that same mentality.
If you're reading this and wish to support my grassroots campaign, please consider donating here.