Fighting Food Insecurity in Edmonton

If you know me or have been following my work as Can Man Dan, you know that I'm all about sustainable living and tackling food insecurity with practical solutions. In short, I love community gardens! Not only are they a great way to bring neighbours together, they are also an easy, accessible, and low-cost way to help end poverty here in Edmonton. This is especially beneficial for low-income families to access fresh, nutritious produce within arm's reach.

In fact, did you know that people living in poverty often have to turn to processed and/or cheap fast food as they're the only affordable option within reach compared to healthy fruits and vegetables that are many times more expensive? Furthermore, with more fast food chains on the rise, the phenomenon of "food deserts" is a real threat to our city as it restricts access to fresh, nutritious food for those who cannot or do not have the means to travel outside of their immediate community.

If elected, I plan to roll out a city-wide network dedicated to community and backyard gardens (complete with relevant gardening instruction), and showcase to the world that ending food insecurity is within our reach.

On June 12th, 2021, I was lucky enough to inaugurate Edmonton's newest community garden as a living tribute to my public service over the last decade as Can Man Dan! This was such a fantastic gift as, like I said, I'm a big believer in and fan of sustainable living. I am grateful to be a part of this great initiative as it involves a big plot of land in a busy shopping complex (Currents of Windermere), and it's nice to see that my message and conviction is spreading to business owners and land developers alike.

Over the summer, all the vegetables (and there's a lot!) will be put towards benefiting people in need all over our city and I can't wait to see the harvest!